Carter County Emergency Management

316 East 3rd   Grayson, KY    41143


Roger Dunfee – Director

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has 120 County Emergency Management Agencies and several City Agencies to deal with preparation, response, and recovery of natural and manmade disasters and emergencies.  Emergency Management actually began as a response to the cold war in the 50’s and 60’s  but was called Civil Defense.   In the 1990’s Congress shifted the responsibility of responding to emergencies to a new agency called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at the national level and encouraged the states to develop their own State level Emergency Management Agencies.

Carter County’s history of responding to emergencies goes back to the 70’s when emergency services responded to a train disaster in the Leon area that disrupted the water supply for several months due to a chemical leak.  Several individuals have directed the county organization since that time with present Director’s office of Carter County Emergency Management (CCEM) located at the Grayson Fire Department.

CCEM is charged with the responsibility of preparing the citizens of Carter County for natural disasters by providing warning systems, educating the public about preparation procedures, and providing resources to county First Responders.  When disasters or emergencies do occur, CCEM works with the emergency first responders as they assist individuals affected by the incident.  After the impact of the disaster or emergency subsides, CCEM helps in the recovery efforts in an attempt to return things to normal.