Fire Prevention Week 2012

Fire Prevention Week 2012 was a huge success. The Grayson Fire Department, along with the help of Hot Spot, taught 525 students at Prichard Elementary about home fire safety. The students learned about calling 911 for emergencies, smoke detectors, home fire escape plans, and also shown a few tools that firefighters use. Hot Spot (our Fire Prevention Dog) showed students how to “Stop, Drop and Roll”. Each student received stickers and a packet of information. Next year we are hoping to teach even more students.

If you missed having the Fire Department come to your classroom and would like to schedule a visit, just send us an email to:


Remembering 9-11-11

We would like to take this time to thank and salute our local Firefighters and other Emergency Personnel. Many of these hard working personnel put their lives on the line everyday to protect you and your family. Some even do this voluntarily! Please keep all Emergency Services in your thoughts and prayers as we never forget the tragedy that happened on September 11, 2001.

9/11 Memoral Website


Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall visits Grayson

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall (AVTT) will be arriving in Grayson, August 29 around 5pm. The wall will be in Grayson until September 3 and be located at the campus of Kentucky Christian University. There are several events that are planned during this time. This is a great honor and privilege to have this Memorial come to Grayson. Please come out and show your support!

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From the last count I heard, over 7000 people came out to see the Memorial Wall during the the 4 days it was in Grayson.


 Josh Ferguson

The Grayson Fire Department wishes to extend our deepest sympathy to the Ferguson family and the Elliottville Fire Department as Josh Ferguson was laid to rest on August 24, 2012. Please keep them in your prayers.

The funeral service was a very emotional one, with nearly 400 people in attendance. There were multiple departments from all sides of emergency services. In Morehead, KY, the streets along the funeral procession came to a halt today, to pay respect to the firefighter that died in a tragic logging accident on Aug 21, 2012. Josh was a Captain on the Elliottville Fire Department in Rowan County. He had been a member since he was 10 years old. May he rest in peace.


New Website

Thanks for visiting the new Grayson Fire Department website! Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see added.

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