Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where should I position my vehicle when I see a fire truck behind me with their flashing lights and siren on?

Pull over as close as possible to the side of the road, stop, and wait for emergency vehicle(s) to pass.

Note: According to KRS 189.930 subsection (1) “…the driver of every other vehicle shall yield the right-of-way, immediately drive to a position parallel to, and as close as possible to, the edge of curb or the highway clear of any intersection, and stop and remain in such position until the emergency vehicle has passed…”

While in my vehicle, how far back should I stay away from a fire truck with their flashing lights and siren on?

500 feet

Note: According to KRS 189.930 subsection (3) “No operator of any vehicle, unless he is on official business, shall follow any emergency vehicle… closer than five hundred (500) feet, nor shall drive into, or park the vehicle into, or park the vehicle within, the block where the vehicle has stopped in answer to an emergency call or alarm…”

If there is a fire hose laying across the street, am I permitted to drive over top of it?

No. By driving over an unprotected hose, you could cut or damage the hose, and disrupt the flow of water used for firefighting activities.

Note: According to KRS 189.930 subsection (4): ” No vehicle, train, or other equipment shall be driven over any unprotected hose of a fire department when the hose is laid down on any street, private driveway, or track for use at any fire or fire alarm unless the fire department official in command consents that the hose be driven over.”

Why do regular-looking cars and trucks have flashing red lights and sirens in them?

Kentucky law permits members of a volunteer fire department to put emergency lights and siren in their personally owned vehicle when permission is given to them, in writing, by the Fire Chief. Unlike a paid fire department, volunteer firefighters do not stay at the station. Most generally, they respond to the fire station from their homes or work. Operating emergency lights and siren in their personal vehicles aid the firefighter in getting to fire station in a timely fashion.
Note: According to KRS 189.950 subsection (4): “Any person who is a regular or voluntary member of any fire department… may equip his vehicle with red flashing, rotating, or oscillating lights and a siren, bell, or exhaust whistle if he has first been given permission, in writing, to do so by the chief of the fire department…” 

How do I obtain a fire report?

If the fire/ incident took place in the Grayson Fire Department District, then a copy of the fire report can be obtained at the Grayson Fire Department. We ask that you send a written request to the Grayson Fire Department, with the following information: 1) date and time of the report you are requesting, 2) your name and contact information. There is a $10.00 fee for a copy of each fire report.

Note: If the fire/ incident took place in another fire department’s district, please contact that fire department for information on obtaining a copy of the fire report.

Do I need a burn permit to burn inside Grayson City limits?

Yes.  Click here  to view the City of Grayson burn regulations ordinance. There is a $10 permit required that can be obtained at the Grayson Fire Department.

Why does a fire truck respond with lights and siren on, then suddenly turn them off while still on the road?

On occasion, when fire trucks are responding to emergencies, the first arriving truck or 911 dispatch may relay information that may cause other responding units to “down grade” or cancel their response. It is easier to cancel responding units, rather than trying to call out more help once the first units arrive on scene. This is done to cut down on equipment response time.

Can I get a tour of the Fire Headquarters?

Yes. Just stop by anytime. For larger groups, we ask that you email or call ahead and make arrangements for a tour to make sure there is enough firefighters to assist with the tour. Visit our Contact page for our contact information.

How can I ask a question that isn't on this page?

Contact us to ask a question. We're happy to help.

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