Weekly Training:

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm

No training held on the second Tuesday of each month.


Training is a vital part of any Fire Department. With good training, we as emergency responders are able to practice and gain new knowledge to help us do our job quickly, effectively, and safely.

The Grayson Fire Department holds weekly training every Tuesday night starting at 6:30pm. There is no training held on the second Tuesday of each month due to Grayson Fire Department preventive maintenance and membership business meetings. We would like to invite other members of other departments to come train with us to gain new knowledge or just for a refresher on things that had been learned years ago. We look forward to seeing you for training.

2023 Training Schedule

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* Weekend Dates

Red: Company Officer Tactical Operations Class at 7:00pm

Blue: Training Class at 6:30pm

Tue, Jan 3

Code: A-0000

Hours: 3

Subject: Administration & Organization

Instructor: Chief Felty

Tue, Jan 17

Code: V-0000

Hours: 3

Subject: Building Construction

Instructor: Chief Rucker

Thu, Jan 19

Hours: 3

Subject: Structural Attack

Instructor: Lt. L. Alley @ St. 2

Tue, Jan 24

Code: Q-0001

Hours: 3

Subject: Vehicle Extrication (hands on)

Instructor: Chief Morgan

Tue, Jan 31

Hours: 3

Subject: Communications & Special Ops (Ropes)

Instructor: Capt. Stapleton & Chief Morgan @ St. 1

Tue, Feb 7

Code: S-0000

Hours: 3

Subject: Fire Protection Systems

Instructor: Capt. Harper

Thu, Feb 16

Hours: 3

Subject: Flammable Liquids / Gases & Vehicle Fires

Instructor: Chief Rogers & Chief Humphries @ St. 2

Tue, Feb 21

Hours: 3

Subject: CISD / PTSD

Instructor: Sgt. Horton

Tue, Feb 28

Hours: 3

Subject: Vehicle Accidents & EMS

Instructor: Capt. Manning & Lt. Hanshaw @ St. 1

Tue, Mar 7

Hours: 1.5

Subject: HazMat

Instructor: Lt. L. Alley @ St. 1

Tue, Mar 21

Code: O-0000

Hours: 3

Subject: Victim Search & Rescue

Instructor: FF Litteral

Tue, Mar 28

Code: D-0000

Hours: 3

Subject: Fire Behavior w/ Max Fire Box

Instructor: SFRT

New Kentucky Firefighter Certification Hours Requirement


Basic 1 Certification

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Basic 2 Certification

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As of January 3, 2023, the Basic 1 & Basic 2 certifications have been implemented. If a firefighter was not certified as a 150- or 400- hour firefighter prior to this date, they will now be required to fulfill the requirements of Basic 1 (115 hours) and Basic 2 (300 hours).

If a firefighter has not been certified to the 150 or 400 hour level, and has at least 6 hours in Firefighter Survival, Firefighter Rescue, or Flashover Awareness categories, they will be considered compliant to the new Basic 1 and Basic 2 certification levels in that category and will not have to produce proof of skills completion in that category.

If you have any questions about implementation of these levels, please email

Note: The images here and linked files were posted on January 4, 2023 on the Kentucky Fire Commission's Facebook page.

See Kentucky Fire Commission on Facebook

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