Junior Firefighter (JRFF) Program

Started in 1976, GFD's Junior Firefighter Program is the oldest recognized program in Kentucky.

Our Junior Firefighter (JRFF) Program is recognized and guided by the Kentucky Fire Commission. We offer this program to help bring enthusiasm to firefighting with both our community's youth and veteran department members. Over the years our Junior Firefighters have been a tremendous help to our department, while they've received valuable training in return. This training is often used to jump-start a firefighting career once the member turns 18. If you're interested in joining the Junior Firefighter Program, we encourage you to check out the Kentucky Fire Commission's Junior Firefighter Program website to get more information. If you're ready to apply, you can click the buttons below to download the forms, fill them out, and drop them off at the Grayson Fire Department on any Tuesday evening (our training night).

Program Requirements

Our JRFF Program meets all Kentucky Fire Commission requirements:

We are recognized, approved, and registered in the Fire Commission database

We have a procedure implemented that clearly defines program responsibilities and operations and is not inconsistent with any of Commission determined requirements for a JRFF Program

We have complete and submitted a program notification form to the Fire Commission Office

We maintain all required program documentation on file (in main fire station) for review

We follow approved program guidelines as established by the Fire Commission

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