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Burning Regulations

Ready to start a fire? Make sure you're in compliance with this burning regulation ordinance. On this page, you'll find:
  • The exact wording of the ordinance
  • Wildland Fire Hazard Seasons
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Fire Prevention Week

Learn about fire prevention and other fire facts to make your home, work, and school safer. On this page, you'll find: 
  • What Fire Prevention Week (FPW) is
  • How to get GFD in your classroom for FPW
  • Important fire facts
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Home Fire Safety

Be ready in case of a fire in your home with this printable home fire safety checklist. On this page, you'll find:
  • How to prevent fires in each area of your home
  • Helpful resources for teaching kids fire safety
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Smoke Alarm Info

Make sure your smoke alarm is always ready to protect you by following these easy tips. On this page, you'll find:
  • Important information about smoke alarms
  • Helpful videos about smoke alarms
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